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Design Engineer Construct!

Inspiring Engineers of the Future.

Speaker: David Roworth, Director of Digital, Technical and Vocational Skills, Skills Jersey

Talk details: The story of how the new digital engineering programme, Design Engineer Construct! (DEC), launched in Jersey two years ago has benefited local students.

The programme was developed in partnership with Children, Young People, Education and Skills and Skills Jersey in collaboration with industry, to boost STEM skills in schools.. It is one of several initiatives to introduce more STEM-focused learning activities to the school curriculum.

JASEC: This year’s Jersey’s Annual Skills & Employability Conference is taking a bold step in catalysing partnership across the skills and employability sector to develop a fit-for-future workforce for Jersey.

Highlands College Courses
BSc(Hons) Construction Management
BSc(Hons) Architectural Technology [subject to demand, but enquiries welcomed]
HNC Diploma in Construction [Construction Management & Architectural Technology pathways]