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2017 Seminars




The JeCC is currently running in conjunction with Benest Corbett & Renouf a series of Spring Seminars and further details about all events is below.

Sessions will be held on the following dates at the Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity. 

Collateral Warranties & Health and Safety
AM Tuesday 4th April - commencing at 7.30am
PM Thursday 6th April - commencing at 4.30pm

Bullying & Discrimination, Behaviour etc.
PM Tuesday 23rd May - commencing at 4.30pm
AM Thursday 25th May - commencing at 7.30am
Growing your Business & Using Social Media
PM Tuesday 6th June - commencing at 4.30pm
AM Thursday 8th June - commencing at 7.30am

Parking is available at the venue and refreshments will be served.

To book tickets to attend any of the above seminars can be made by clicking here