Jersey Construction Council

Provision of Suitable Welfare FAcilities

A number of sensational headlines have been published in the last couple of days on the provision of suitable welfare facilities and It is disappointing that a few contractors are spoiling the image of our industry.
Many contractors have made positive improvements to site welfare facilities in the past few years as part of their adherence to the “Management In Construction (Jersey) 2016 Regulations” and also as part of the Covid restrictions.
Client and Contractors should be aware that with effective planning, adequate welfare facilities must be available throughout the project, from first day on site to the completion date.
There are a range of welfare solutions available locally, and it is important to continue to review and ensure the most appropriate facilities are provided and maintained as conditions on site change for example, the site may not have water or drainage to start with but once connected, will offer the opportunity to have fully plumbed and serviced units that may not have been available on day 1.
This morning Director of Health and Safety, Tammy Fage and Adrian De Gruchy, Chairman of the H&S Sub-Committee of the JeCC  were invited to speak on BBC Radio Jersey and gave a balanced view on this between 8.07 and 8.16am.
Please see the link below to the most recent “Update” published on the Inspectorate website