Jersey Construction Council

H&S Observations

H&S Inspectorate are seeing an increasing amount of concerns re the standards of H&S they are observing on sites.

A recent article has been produced by the Inspectorate that is available by clicking here and which is also on their website expressing concern over the provision of welfare observed on sites.  Members are encouraged to review this document in order that you are aware of the standards required during this time.

They are also currently preparing information setting out concerns over the standards of H&S they are encountering.  We have been advised that there appears to be a worrying pattern starting to emerge of people focussing on trying to maintain the 2m distancing and other covid-related controls that basic, but significant, hazards are being overlooked, including work at height, unsafe excavations etc that has necessitated the Inspectorate taking enforcement action.

The Inspectorate are aware of the level of time and effort required to ensure and maintain the appropriate Covid 19 controls which are significant and greater than initially anticipated.   A further article highlighting these matters is being planned which will recommend that consideration is given to assessing whether an increase in the level of supervision is required - particularly in the early stages of re-opening when the number of Covid inductions etc will be highest.

A short article regarding the Inspectorate's approach to Regulating during Covid 19 can be found by clicking here.