Jersey Construction Council

Entering Homes to Deliver or Measure Up

The Building Work and Construction section of the government’s Advice for businesses during Level 3 has been updated to allow access to homes for short periods of time.
The relevant section reads as follows:-

Entering private homes to quote for work

In preparation for the move from Safe Exit Level 3 to Safe Exit Level 2 businesses are now able to enter homes for short periods of time in order to obtain the information they require to provide the customer with a quote for work, such as measuring up.
Actually carrying out the work in people’s homes is not permitted.
When completing such home visits businesses must adhere to the guidance for Businesses entering people’s homes for the purposes of obtaining information required for a quote or to complete deliveries.
The guidance for businesses entering people’s homes can be found via the following link:-

In the drop down menu on the left hand side you need to open up the “Retail sector” heading which gives you a sub-menu, the last of which is entitled “Businesses entering private homes for short periods”