Jersey Construction Council

Deferment of 2020 JeCC Subscriptions


Following the local coronavirus (covid-19) lockdown there has been a lot for the industry to think about.

Some businesses will still be able to carry out government infrastructure/emergency work but others will need to close their operations during the lockdown period and seek Government financial help for the self-employed or business support if staff have to be stepped down.  

In recognition that there will be limited opportunities to continue working, the JeCC Board has made a decision to defer the 2020 annual subscriptions for a period of 3 months when the situation will be reviewed.

We are also encouraging non-members to join the Council and this will be free for an initial period of 3 months, so we would ask members to notify as many businesses as possible of this opportunity.  This will ensure that businesses are included on our database and receive as much information as possible during this difficult time on work that the Council is undertaking with Government and how the Council is supporting the industry during these unprecedented times.

In the meantime, the JeCC Board & Construction Industry Response Team will continue to work for the industry and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.