Jersey Construction Council

Application for Phase 2 of Co-Funded Payroll System now Open

An update on Phase 2 of the Co-Funded Payroll Scheme has been issued by Government and this can be found by clicking on the link below -

Members should note that the JeCC have successfully lobbied Government over the past week to simplify the eligibility criteria for support under the Scheme and this is confirmed in the updated FAQ included in the above details as follows:-

"We have received a number of questions regarding the operation of Phase 2 of the Payroll Co-funding Scheme and the eligibility of workers engaged on Government or Permitted sites.
This matter has now been considered further by the Government and has been clarified in an updated FAQ document under Question 48 as follows:-

Construction Industry 
48. Q: In considering the relevant SIC Codes for my business, I noted that the SIC Code list on was updated when the Guidance was published.  Whilst it is noted that Construction had been announced as being included, the list states this will exclude businesses that work on an open Government site and/or applied for a permit to work during Stay at Home and Social Distancing. How can this work in practice?
A: The Government have considered this position further. All construction businesses will be considered as included for the purpose of being an eligible industry for the scheme – regardless of whether some employees are able to work or not; while activities in construction SIC Codes continue to qualify for the scheme. It is noted that the business will still need to demonstrate material detriment due to COVID-19 (30% drop in turnover in the relevant month). Therefore, if you are a construction firm with most employees working at a near normal level, the material detriment test will not be likely to be passed. 
The Government will keep this position under review for claims under the scheme for the months of May and June depending on public health advice".