Jersey Construction Council

Webinar - Structural Waterproofing Design Strategies to BS 8102:2009

Newton Technical Director Richard Crossley to deliver, RIBA approved, double-points CPD on 'Structural Waterproofing Design Strategies to BS 8102:2009'.

The seminar provides an overview of the modern methods available for protecting below-ground structures from water, and covers topics including:

- The different forms of structural waterproofing systems in the market.
- How to achieve the environmental grades outlined within British Standard 8102:2009​.
- How combination waterproofing systems can be specified for both new-build and existing structures.

The 1-hour long seminar will take the form of a 45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A session during which questions can be submitted to Richard using the Zoom Q&A feature.

To book to attend this Webinar session please click here.