Jersey Construction Council

CPD Seminar - 20 February

Schock fixings on 20th February:

Thermal Bridging & Control Measures in Structural Connections for Concrete-to-Concrete, Steel-to-Concrete and Steel-to-Steel 

This fully accredited CPD presentation has been developed specifically for architects, designers and structural engineers and considers the major challenge of thermal bridging in balconies and other structural connections. It looks at how modern developments in design and material make it possible to control heat losses at penetrations in the building envelope and includes practical applications in steel-to-steel, steel-to-concrete and concrete-to-concrete.

The unique thermal break elements from Schöck have sold over 10 million units in Europe. Schöck UK Ltd.,.

Topics covered in the seminar include:-

·       An overview of thermal break units

·       Definition of thermal break and critical locations

·       Building Regulation's requirements 

·       Latest improvements of Schöck thermal break technology

·       Different types of applications and the appropriate solution

·       Structural / Thermal impacts of thermal break – feasible and unfeasible situations

·       Non-compliance of PTFE materials used as thermal breaks for steel to steel connections 

·       Verifications and services

·       Sample calculations of heat flow (U, psi & chi value) 

·       Design principals and tools (for structural engineer's only)

 If you are interested in attending please RSVP directly to Richard - The CPD’s will take place at 16 New Street between 12noon and 2.00pm and refreshments will be provided.